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+_ Plus Minus is a journey of light objects, technology and electronic instruments, allowing you to experience the process of design.

We invite you to the launch event to view our creative collaboration of the most compelling works by 3 designers – Naama Hofman, Nir Adoni and Dave Cranmer, bringing together sustainable design and contemporary objects, using an interactive and innovative application of emerging technology.

Exhibition launch 11th September 2014, runs until 16th November. The Book Club, 100-106 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4RH

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Naama Hofma creates objects which contain light, all illuminated by LED’s, which with the help of a minimalist structure, diffuse a soft and even light.
Hofman believes that we can surround ourselves with good and long-lasting objects, which are designed to inspire the way we perceive light, how it should look and how we can afford a different meaning to the word “Lamp”. The work of the studio occupies the contrasting yet complementary area between art and design. Aside the fabrication of lamps for serial production, the studio also produces limited editions and art installations. Their collections are crafted in a unique manufacturing process in Tel Aviv by skilled artisans.

Hofman born in 1982, Naama Hofman grew up in Israel. She studied design at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Ramt Gan, Israel. 2 years after graduating with a BA Design Degree, she opened her own design studio In Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel. Hofman exhibited in several design exhibitions including ‘Thats Design’ in Zona Tortona, Milan 2010, and ‘Designed in Israel’ 2010/11. The work of Naama Hofman occupies the area between art and design, forming limited additions and serial production.

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In Nirs studio he isolates features from these environments which then become raw material for his work using laser cutting, digital media and sound, most of which are juxtaposed with light. This is an integral part of his work as it becomes a material of its own. As he re-assembles elements from different surroundings he combines alternative scenes – allusive in their reflection of space and place. The forced encounter between the elements forms charged, at times even destructive new territories.

Nir born in 1980, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Nir ives and works in Tel Aviv. He graduated in 2009 from Beit Berl College, the School of Art – Hamidrasha, Israel, with a BA in Art and Design and received 3 Scholarships: Mifal Hapayis Scholarship of Art and Culture, The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts and Beit Berl College Excellence in Art Scholarship. Since graduation he opened his studio and is exhibiting his work on a regular basis in group exhibitions for art and design.

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confuse audiences in a variety of venues worldwide.

Time spent in the special effects industry has fine tuned his love of dangerous machinery and dramatic engineering, and a keen interest in experimental audio has led to many sculptures taking the form of unusual musical instruments.

Dave has produced installations for many events including Southbank Ether Festival, Kinetica Art Fair and HKW Worldtronics Berlin.

Dave will be unveiling a terrifying robotic crow. The crow appeared in a dream, or rather nightmare, demanding in hideous croaking voice that work should begin on its construction, otherwise there would be severe consequences.

Upon waking it was tempting to dismiss the visitation as perhaps a side effect of ergot poisoning, but the unexplained appearance of a mysterious object proved the demon to be real. The object was a USB stick containing dimensioned CAD drawings of a hideous bird, outlining the construction of a steel frame clad with plywood and housing various motors and electrical parts.

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