Melvin is a Graphic Artist/Art Director hailing from a small town in the Northwest of England. A graduate from Central St. Martin’s, he has worked with the likes of Nike, Nokia, Wallpaper* and Creative Review to name but a few. He has been featured in various magazines & books worldwide and has exhibited in London, Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok, LA & Sweden. Melvin is currently based in London where along with his love of Music, Science Fiction & Geometry he spends his time working on a prolific mix of Portraits, Type, Installations, Pattern & Video work with a strong curiosity in experimentation and an openness for interesting personal/brand/client collaborations. He is also Creative Director of clothing label A-Ok, where he oversees all aspects of the brand, from Branding to Production.

A Room For Mistakes by Melvin Galapon  2 0

A show by Graphic Artist/Art Director Melvin Galapon, exploring his interest in glitches & patterns through a mixture ofanalogue techniques including paintings, papercuts and a largescale mural.

Innovation has always evolved through experimentation and embracing mistakes as part of that process, those happy accidents that help create something new and exciting.

A Room for Mistakes is a celebration of the beauty of these glitches in patterns inspired by Melvin’s love of the humble television/computer screen which he’s been obsessed by since he was a kid sat on the floor at home either watching his favourite TV show or playing the latest video game.

Those short unexpected moments when an image gets distorted through poor reception or internet connection are the main focus through this new body of work where the handmade nature of the work echoes the unpredictability of what the work represents.