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Italian photographer Giacomo Favilla explores our role in pollution and the creation of waste in Anonymous, a new series of photographs shown for the first time in the UK at The Book Club in London. In this series of subverted photographic portraits he addresses why people choose to be blind and indifferent to the damage they are doing to the environment. Over the past few years Favilla has made a name for himself in fashion and photography circles, turning his talents from everything to music videos, fine art and documentaries, picking up a good few awards along the way. He has exhibited all over Europe, including at the Photographer’s Gallery in London, Rich Mix and “Accademia delle Belle Arti, Bologna, Italy” and “E.V.A at Bashimi Art House, Salizburg, Austria”. The subjects of his photos are shown wearing sunglasses assembled from objects we would usually throw away without a second thought, such as food, elastic bands and fuses. He collaborated with designer Rossella Bessi to create the sunglasses, who he has worked with previously on the series Visibilio.

The concern with the need for greater ecological understanding grew out of their last collaboration, leading the pair to consider the way in which people are indifferent to change can nonetheless spread awareness. It is assumed that the subject behind the glasses is the focus of the photo, but in fact the objects the sunglasses are made out of take centre stage. Favilla attributes this interest in the environment to his recent move from a remote village by the sea to middle of polluted Milan.

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