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Drawing on early encounters with theatrical costume, stage lighting and Russian ballet, Mila Nesterova’s fashion photographs, still life prints and light boxes explore colour, texture and the use of light in photography.

The models are decked out in designers such as Pam Hogg, Holly Fulton and Vivienne Westwood, just to add to the dramatic look and feel of the photographs.

BIOLUMINESCENCE is a powerful and exhilarating study of experimental ultraviolet lighting effects. Taking from what the French call ecrire avec la lumiere translated as writing with the light, Mila Nesterova calls herself an ‘explorer of light’.

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‘On stage everything is exaggerated and lighting enhances the visual aspect of the performance, adding color and depth. I am fascinated by UV lights and how they transform everything into a dazzling explosion of colour. Everything looks more interesting, shadows and flickers of light give objects and people more depth’ –

Mila Nesterova

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