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Emmanuelle was born in Fribourg, Switzerland in 1983. In 1994 she moved to Montreal, Canada with her family. She later studied traditional animation at the Cegep du Vieux Montreal for three years and began her career working across TV series, documentaries, short films and music videos. She moved to Paris to attend the world-renowned animation school Gobelins in 2007, being granted direct admission to the final year.

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Emanuelle created a series of acrylic paintings on canvas and drawings for her first solo show. Passers-By expands on Walker’s well known graphic style and decorative aesthetic, developed through experimental exercises and multiple studies on the female portrait, Walker’s latest works depicts young women portraits of passers-by she walked passed in the East London area or people among her entourage.

Walker is well-known within the illustration and animation community for her powerfully communicative aesthetic imagery. For the past few years, Walker has been experimenting -among other things – with the female body shapes, and curves. Coming from the animation industry she spends most of her time making things move. For this show, she wanted to play with a certain staticness, that’s why all of the paintings are front views. ‘The oddly elongated girls who populate Emmanuelle Walker’s universe are elegantly beautiful –you won’t find any Barbie dolls in her animations and illustrations. Her talent consists of a deft blend of sophistication and playful quirkiness that renders her work warm and watchable’. -LBB ONLINE

And while Walker has an accomplished career in the world of illustration and animation, she has also shown in art galleries around the world such as Nucleus in Los Angeles, and Estace in Paris. Walker’s previous work includes character design for The Walt Disney Company, Additional character designs on Kevin Dart’s ‘Perfect Mom’ gameplay film in Spike Jonze ‘Her’. Other clients include Nobrow, Mr Porter, Samsung, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Orange, The World Economic Forum, The NFB, Swissinfo, Sbrinz.

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