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‘The New Faces’, is the title of the latest exhibition from photographer Dean Chalkley, it is a study of eight young ‘Modernists’. Bound together by their shared passion for smart dressing and great dancing, for sharp suits and R’n’B.

As Dean says ‘In these dark times where some allegedly find it hard to even get dress…ed to go to the supermarket, these kids are beacons of light, sharp dressed youths who have so much pride in the way they present themselves and live their lives.

These young ‘Modernists’ are all in their late teens or early twenties and are ‘Faces’ on the right scene now. Dean first encountered these young hipsters last summer at his monthly night club in north London, where they would appear, dance and, after a few visits, DJ. He became fascinated by their moves and by their style and the idea for ‘The New Faces’ was born.

All the subjects in the series are wearing their own clothes … THIS IS HOW THEY DRESS.

Dean has had an unwavering focus on the point at which music, fashion and sub culture collide. In 2005 he presented “Now Stand Tall” a show celebrating the rise of indie music from 1999-2005. This was followed by ‘Southend’s Underground’, an investigation into the then burgeoning youth subculture in the seaside town of Southend–on-Sea. Dean captured this scene, as it was about to explode into the worlds of music and fashion with profound effect. To this day the ripples of this outburst can still be felt and seen in bands like The Horrors and These New Puritans as well as in the fashions that were ultimately appropriated by the major designers like Dior.

As a footnote Paul Weller suggested the actual title of the exhibition after seeing the ‘rough edit’ contact sheets.

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In 2010 Dean Chalkley exhibited ‘The New Faces’ at The Book Club. A study of eight young ‘Mods’, bound together by their shared passion for smart dressing, rare soul music, socialising and dancing. And now Dean returns to The Book Club, this time with The New Faces: A Short Film. The film forms a hypnotic visual experience as well as being an incisive and engaging contemporary document. It’s also a pin point in a perennial subculture that began in the 1960’s and has evolved and lives on in this modern age. Join us for the exclusive screening and after party with soul, ska and boogaloo music from Dean and the cast.